Written by Daniel Milbo on June 11, 2020 at 2:09pm

You Tread on Me

Can't you feel my scream through your boot?
My body convulsing, my arteries pulsing,
Against your supremacy and presumption.

Can't you hear my cough?
Muffled in a mask, ventilated into a casket,
Alone without the possibility of touch.

Can you hear me?
Or am I just a face to you, should I dance for you,
Does my nude confidence offend you and your tribe?

I am speaking,
Or are you too busy, too queasy to listen,
How long must I hear your insipid narrowness?
before I may utter more than a sputter.
Your gutter can no longer house my pride
or hinder my vibe or muffle by jibe
at your history of racing past the facts
to jerk off your own opinions.